Information about ELDR

How it works

Using this Marketplace

To make the most of your experience on the ELDR Marketplace, we have provided some instructions on how to navigate through the site and book your conversations with an ELDR. 

Search for an ELDR
The ELDR Marketplace offers two ways to narrow down your search: 
  • Use Keywords in the Search Bar
    • Type in key terms such as 'yoga' or 'nurse' to find ELDRs that have those words within their listing.
  • Select 'Filters' 
    • To find ELDRs that meet certain criteria, select the box next to the filter. Then, scroll down and click on 'Update View' for the filters to update 

Review an ELDR Profile
Each ELDR has a personal profile below their listing. To view their profile and learn more about ELDR, click on their name below their listing. Want to ask the ELDR a question? Click 'Contact' to send them a message. Want to book with them? Scroll down and click on their listing. 

Review an ELDR Listing
Each ELDR has one listing and it contains their profile information and self-identifying criteria that help you learn more about them, their training, and their interests. 

Book an ELDR/Buy a Conversation Package
When you're ready to buy your 8 conversation package, click on the 'Book' button within the listing. This will take you to a screen where you can send a message to your ELDR, review the transaction agreement, and submit your payment information. 

Connect with your ELDR
Once your ELDR has approved the transaction check your email for an introduction from your ELDR! From this point they will use email to schedule your conversations. 

If you have any questions about ELDR or the booking process, please reach out to