Maurya Cockrell

About Maurya
Maurya is an international author, speaker, and practitioner from St. Louis, MO. Known as the SDoH [social determinants of health] Solutionary, she uses health, education, and human resources to improve how people live, learn, work, pray, and play.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Health Management from Saint Louis University, with a Minor in Theological Studies, a Master’s degree from Webster University in Human Resources Management, and a Doctorate in Health Professions Education from Logan University.

She has also received additional training and certifications, including:
- Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
- SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)
- Evidence-Based Design (EDAC)
- Death Doula
- Spiritual Care Generalist
- Happiness Coach

Maurya began her entrepreneurial journey as an Organizational Development Consultant. In 2017, she founded Leaves Speak Healthcare, an intergenerational healthcare consulting company. “I offer clients powerful new ways to eliminate elderspeak, increase compassionate communication, and improve end-of-life acceptance,” she said.

About ELDR

A Meaningful Ending is Possible

ELDR was founded on the belief that end of life planning should be clear, professional, and meaningful.

Our streamlined approach addresses emotional and practical barriers, enabling you to engage fully and experience the benefits of a thoughtful plan for years and generations to come.

In 8 Conversations You Will...
- Learn about requirements, options, and professional services - both ancient and innovative
- Decide what plans, processes and services are relevant for your specific needs
- Document your wishes across our four pillars: asset management/planning, medical/physical, social/emotional, and traditional/pragmatic
- Appoint individuals who will have specific responsibilities during your final phase of life
- Rest well knowing that your end of life needs have been thoroughly addressed and thoughtfully organized

Your plan will help your loved ones
- Make decisions with confidence and peace
- Reduce family expenses
- Save time “figuring things out”
- Preserve wisdom and cultural legacy
- Grieve without added stress and regret

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